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To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.

  —Mahatma Gandhi

Announcements February 2021

                                                                                                                                 Image credit: Citrus Chicks 

*SPECIAL SEMINAR Monday, February 22 @ 9 am*  
Strides in Water Quality through Wetland Construction and Restoration 
with Ross Clark (Director of Central Coast Wetlands Group, SJSU) and
Pam Krone (Agriculture Water Quality Coordinator, CA Marine Sanctuary Foundation & Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary) 

Our CDFA Healthy Soils Program project in citrus is in full swing!  If you are a professional California citrus grower, and would be willing to participate in a short survey, please email us at: 

We have also received 2 requests to announce opportunities for producer participation in their regenerative ag project: 

* Liz Carlisle's group at UCSB is looking for producers practicing silvopasture/agroforestry. If you would be willing to participate in a survey, please CLICK HERE

* Jon Lundgren's group at the Ecdysis Foundation is looking for producers to participate in their regenerative almond study. If interested, please CLICK HERE

Many exciting events and opportunities coming up this month, please see below for links: 

Upcoming Events

Cal Poly
1. Aspire to Grow Conference, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Agriculture: 2/18 

2. Change the Status Quo, Social Justice Leadership Conference: 2/27
3. Cal Poly Meats (and more) Drive Thru: Thurs-Sat

Virtual San Luis Obispo County
4. Four Roundtables for the Future, SLO Food System Coalition: 2/9 
    with Cal Poly professors Ellen Burke and Marilyn Tseng
5. Capturing California’s Flowers: Natural History in the Digital Age: 2/20
     with Cal Poly professor Jenn Yost

6. eOrganic webinars on Biological Control
7. Soil and Nutrition Conference: Thursdays beginning 2/4 
8. SoilCon: Washington Soil Health Week: 2/8-2/12
9. UC Organic Agriculture Seminar Series: 2/9, 2/16, 2/23   

10. UC Healthy Vineyard Soils Workshop: 2/9-10   
11. World Ag Expo: 2/9-11
12. College Conference on Cooperatives, National Farmers Union: 2/10-11
13. Formal/Informal Cooperative Development to Support Local and Regional Food Systems: 2/15 
14. Society for Range Management Annual Meeting: 2/15-18
15. AgSafe Virtual Conference: 2/15-25

16. UC Ag Experts Talk: Citrus Mites: 2/17
17. Cultivate and Nourish: 2021 CCOF Annual Meeting and Conference: 2/18    
18. Forest Management for Increasing Carbon Sequestration with Biochar: 2/18 
19. CA Small Farm Conference: 2/22-28

20. Regenerative Earth Summit, Session 3: Finance, Technology, Policy: 2/24-25
21. NCAT Soil Health Innovations Conference: 3/8-9  (Scholarships available) 

22. Soil Health Symposium, North Coast Soil Hub: 3/11-12

23. CDFA Stakeholder Meetings for Farmer/Rancher-led Climate Change Solutions
        * Livestock and Dairy: 2/8 & 2/12
        * Annual Crops: 2/16 & 2/19
        * Perennial Crops: 2/23 & 26 
24. FoodCorps application period opens: 2/8
25. Jobs at California Office of Planning and Research: 2/12
         Associate Planner, Climate Equity and Resilience
         Assistant Planner, Wildfire Resilience and Recovery

26. Coronavirus Food Assistance Program – Additional Assistance: due 2/26
27. Apricot Lane Farms Apprenticeship Program: application due 2/28
28. Taylor Farms Summer Internships: due 3/15
29. GrizzlyCorps Fellows Program priority applications close: 3/31
30. Climate Beneficial Technician position at Fibershed 
31. Farm management internship position at Templeton Valley Farms
       For inquiries, please email 

32. ReFED Roadmap to 2030: Reducing U.S. Food Waste by 50% 
33. Local Food Systems Response to COVID Resource Hub 

To subscribe to our monthly updates, or notify us of events and opportunities, please email:

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