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Sustainable Ag Lecture Series

Each term, the Center for Sustainability hosts a public lecture and/or event highlighting topics in sustainable agriculture, food or resource management.

Dr. Pramod Parajuli

Winter 2015 Lecture
Beyond Sustainability: Biodiversity for Abundance and Resilience

Dr. Pramod Parajuli,
Director of Program Development for Sustainability,
Prescott College

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
11:10 am - 12 noon
Bldg 38 - Rm 204

on the Cal Poly campus


Join us for a fascinating talk about how deepening our appreciation of biodiversity and the connectivity of life can help us to develop systems to enhance abundance, creativity and resilience on Earth.

Pramod Parajuli’s work has revolved around a perennial pursuit of what he calls “the Four Ls”: Life and Livelihoods, Learning and Leadership. A journey across the planet involved the study of anthropology, social, ethnic and political movements in his early years. As he came to appreciate the importance of ecology and economy in the lives of the poor in developing nations, he began to formulate new theories of “ecological ethnicities” and “bio-cultural diversity.” Through his study of permaculture and agroecology, Dr. Parajuli developed an understanding of the importance of diversity at work in natural and agricultural systems – and ultimately that those systems can become a gateway to understanding larger societal issues. Today, he works to enhance the synergy between undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. programs and draws on an international network of “sustainability synergists” to bring in expertise to areas such as fisheries, climate change, agroecology and other arenas of applied sustainability. Application of the principles he teaches on his farms has resulted in an abundance beyond his “wildest expectations,” and left him enthusiastic about the possibilities for inspiring youth through what he calls a “soil to supper” pedagogy that makes learning exciting, fun and capable of leading to healthier food habits.


About Dr. Parajuli:

Dr. Pramod Parajuli serves as a core faculty member of the PhD program in Sustainability Education at Prescott College in Arizona, where he is also active in designing new graduate programs and bioregional and international studies. A native of Nepal and an interdisciplinary/applied scholar from Stanford University (1983-90), Dr. Parajuli has 30 years of teaching experience in the US. At Stanford, Syracuse, Portland State Universities, and currently at Prescott College, Dr. Parajuli has designed and developed award-winning graduate programs in sustainability studies, sustainable food systems, farm and garden-based ecological literacy, and learning gardens. For his pioneering work, he has received fellowships, awards and grants from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the MacArthur Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, Portland State University, Oregon Community Foundation, City of Portland, and Portland Metro. Dr. Parajuli is a permaculture practitioner on his own ten-acre forest-farm in Prescott, and in Nepal. He is passionate about using agriculture as a platform for learning. You can find more about Dr. Parajuli’s research and writing at:,, and


Events are free and open to the public

Saturday, February 28, 10 AM - 2:00 PM:
“Garden-based Learning Practicum”
A workshop and work party at “Our Global Family” garden site on SLO City Farm (end of Calle Joaquin North).

Monday, March 2, 4-5:30 PM
Cal Poly Room 10-231
"Towards Greener Technologies, Democracies, and Economies"
A lecture and discussion in UNIV-392 "Appropriate Technology for the World’s People" class

Monday, March 2, 7-8:30 PM,
“Soil to Supper Pedagogy: Learning to Garden and Gardening to Learn”
A public lecture at the Cal Poly Crops Unit (corner of Highland & Mt Bishop Rds.)
Sponsored by the Cal Poly Physics Dept., Empower Poly Coalition, and the SLO Permaculture Guild

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