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Sustainable Ag Lecture Series - Spring 2017:

Soil Carbon: Reservoir for a Resilient Agriculture

Nurturing Soil Biology to Capture Carbon and Promote Agricultural Resilience

Dr. Alan Franzluebbers, Soil Ecology & Mngt Lab, NC State Univ / USDA-ARS

Thursday, May 4, 2017
Eng IV Bldg 192, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo campus

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Dr. Franzluebbers' presentations. Please find links to his slides below:
Soil Carbon: Reservoir for a Resilient Agriculture

Research seminar:
Assessing Soil Biological Activity as an Indicator of Soil Health (presentation)
Flush of CO2 as an Index for N Availability (report)
To see a video recording of Dr. Franzluebbers' seminar, please go to YouTube link:

Dr. Franzluebbers also helped lead our Soil Health Assessment Field Day at Cal Poly on Friday, May 5.
To see a video recording of Dr. Franzluebbers' field day talk, please go to:

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Featured Guest Speaker

Dr. Alan FranzluebbersDr. Alan Franzluebbers is USDA-ARS professor in the Department of Soil Science at North Carolina State University. His research program focuses on soil organic matter management for development of sustainable agricultural systems.  Conservation agricultural systems, pasture management, integrated crop-livestock production, and agroforestry systems are management themes of current interest. He specializes in assessment methods of biological soil quality and soil organic carbon sequestration, using these tools to interpret the effects of management on soil resources.

Dr. Franzluebbers is a member of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems and the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases among affiliations. His projects include development of biologically based nitrogen fertilizer recommendations, evaluating soil health benefits of multi-species cover crops and alternative forage systems, and characterizing the impacts of grazing method on soil carbon sequestration.

To learn more about Dr. Franzluebbers and his team's work, please visit:

For questions, please contact us at or call 805-756-5086.