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Sustainable Ag Lecture Series - Fall 2017:

Successful Beekeeping in Today's Environment

A Two-Part Mini-Series on Honey Bee Sustainability with:

Dr. Joe Carson, Alaska Heavenly Honey, eKoBeekeeping and
Gene Brandi, Gene Brandi Apiaries

Dr. Joe Carson                                                             Gene Brandi
Wednesday, November 1                                            Wednesday, November 8
Bonderson Bldg 197 – 104                                          ATL Bldg 7 Keck Lab
4:10 – 5:30 p.m.                                                          4:10 – 5:30 p.m.

Joe Carson Presentation (PDF)                                     Gene Brandi Presentation (PDF)

Featured Guest Speakers

Dr. Joe Carson grew up on a dairy farm in the Matanuska Valley of South Central Alaska.  After entering college at the age of 16, Joe decided accounting and economics with an emphasis in econophysics was for the birds! After much schooling with majors in microsporidial diseases and nutrition, Alaska Heavenly Honey was formed; followed closely by Complete Bee Honey Bee Food Supplements Company, eKoBeekeeping Supply, and Dr. Carson’s Pet Food Supplements, Personal Care Products and Health and Wellness Nutritional Products.  Dr. Carson’s products are currently sold in about 32 countries around the world. Dr. Carson has spent over 8 years on the Board of Directors for the American Beekeeping Federation, and is past chairman of the Research for American Beekeeping Federation, past American delegate for international beekeeping symposium ‘Apimondia’, state representative for American Honey Producers, Board of Directors for Western Apicultural Society for many years and current Vice President. Dr. Carson is also a professional Dog Sled Musher.


Gene Brandi began working with bees in the early 1970s while attending Cal Poly and started his own bee company in 1978. Today, he and his son manage 2000 colonies of honey bees throughout Central California. Mr. Brandi chaired the National Honey Board for three years, and served 37 years on the California State Beekeepers' Association Board of Directors, including a year as president in 2016-17. He holds a bachelor of science degree in ag business from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Among his many activities, he chaired the California Apiary Board from 1992 to 1995; served on the Project Apis board from 2006 to 2016, and has been a member of the California Almond Board Bee Task Force since 2004 and a member of Carl Hayden Bee Research Center's Industry Liaison Committee since 2002. 

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