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Farmer of the Year

As a special feature of the Taste of the Future event, the Center celebrates a young Cal Poly graduate who has chosen farming as a career path, who has made a contribution to that field since graduation, and who shows promise for serving as a future model for sustainability in food and agriculture with a 'Farmer of the Year Award.'

In 2010, John DeRosier of With the Grain Farm was named the Center for Sustainability Farmer of the Year. John is a Cal Poly graduate from the Earth and Soil Sciences Department who is currently a grower of heirloom and rare edible seed crops (grains). All acreage that he farms is certified organic and biodynamic. He also operates a certified kitchen for local valued added processing and feeds all of his farm animals with grains he grows himself.

The 2012 Farmer of the Year was Alexis Negranti of Negranti Dairy and Artisan Creamery. Together with her husband, Wade, also a Cal Poly alumnus, Alexis founded the family-owned business, Negranti Dairy. The dairy is already recognized nationally for its all-natural sheep milk ice cream made with real, local, sustainable ingredients.