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Cal Poly Healthy Soils Project

No-till and Cover Crop Management with Grazing
Tablas Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles - June 13, 2019

As a participating vineyard in the Cal Poly Healthy Soils Project, Tablas Creek is serving as a demonstration site to investigate the links between soil building practices such as no-till and grazing of cover crops, and measures of soil carbon, water holding capacity, and greenhouse gas emissions. During this demonstration field day, Tablas Creek vineyard managers discussed their unique soil management strategy, Cal Poly researchers discussed the preliminary findings of their field trials, and additional guest speakers discussed integrated approaches to soil management.


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Cover Crop Management for Healthy Vineyard Soils
Cristina Lazcano, Assistant Professor of Soil Ecology, Cal Poly

Cover Crop Selection for Vineyards
Craig Macmillan, Technical Program Manager, Vineyard Team

Grazing and Soil Management at Tablas Creek Vineyard
Jordan Lomberg, Viticulturist, Tablas Creek Vineyard

Considerations for No-till Vineyard Management
Steve Vierra, Director of Vineyard Operations and Certified Soil Scientist, Derby Wine Estates

Bwalya Malama, Assistant Professor of Groundwater and Soil Physics, Cal Poly

Healthy Vineyard Soils - Cover Crop Management: Tilling and Grazing Trial
Jenna Merrilees, Graduate Student Researcher, Cal Poly

Effect of Compost Application on Soil Carbon and GHG Emissions in Wine Grape Production
Connie Wong, Graduate Student Researcher, Cal Poly

Compost Application in Vineyards
J. Lohr Wine Center, Paso Robles - November 29, 2018

Presenters discussed compost use from a variety of perspectives, and showcased the types of soil monitoring taking place at J. Lohr Vineyard as part of the three-year Healthy Soils Program Demonstration Project.


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Supporting Soil Health by Using Compost: Benefits and Potential Drawbacks
Cristina Lazcano, Assistant Professor of Soil Ecology, Cal Poly

Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Soils*
Charlotte Decock, Assistant Professor of Soil Health and Fertility, Cal Poly

What is Quality Compost?*
Kevin Piper, Director of Agricultural Operations, Cal Poly

Compost for Soil Health in Vineyards: A Grower's Perspective
Steve Vierra, Vineyard Manager and Soil Scientist, Derby Wine Estates

Cover Crop Management and Technical Assistance for the Healthy Soils Program
Andrew Johnson, Project Manager, Upper Salinas - Las Tablas Resource Conservation District

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